Comparison of Bitcoin Ethereum and Tezos


tezos has a Turing complete language, Michelson, so if, loop, etc. are present in opcodes, otherwise is not Turing complete.

Bitcoin: Minimal opcodes are lined up. There have been some opcode changes in hardfork. It’s an implementation that isn’t for smart contracts. It won’t change in the future.

Ethereum: The four precompiled contracts complicate the calculation of gas, making it impossible to calculate the extra charge accurately.

Tezos:As listed above.


(1): P2ksh etc. are dangerous. Currently, a considerable proportion of them have been confirmed to exist. Segwit is also implemented in ethereum. Currently, it seems to be safe.

(2): bitcoin wallet generally uses chrome, but firefox is still used by jaxx.

(3): jaxx was vulnerable. This is mainly for smartphone storage, and even if you enter a pin, you can easily obtain a private key by migrating to another storage. More than that, against hardware hacking You don’t have to focus solely on the famous wallet for true anonymity.


bitcoin: It is abundant.
tezos:It is abundant.

If you want more information, please tell us what you want to compare!



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